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Google Application Goes Viral Earning An Artwork Outside of Matching Faces To Paintings

Enlarge this imageGoogle's application matching faces to famous paintings went viral prompting, Michael Fulmer Jersey Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. a flurry of selfies in exce s of the weekend.Andrew Burton/Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionAndrew Burton/Getty ImagesGoogle's application matching faces to popular paintings went viral prompting, a flurry of selfies in exce s of the weekend.Andrew Burton/Getty ImagesArt gals on google arts & culture... Molly (@mollycgallagher) January 15, 2018 Who can say why some gimmicks take off and others flop? But the Google Arts & Culture application tapped into the zeitgeist around the weekend, until it seemed like just about everyone with acce s to a camera phone and a social media account was seeking and sharing their well-known painting doppelganger. Forget the fact that Google launched the application and online page in 2016, allowing users to browse a trove of artwork sourced from hundreds of museums worldwide. It was the portrait feature included in last month's update that has spun the selfies into overdrive. The metric site App Annie said Google Arts & Culture was the No. 1 free app around the weekend. And by Monday, it was still holding on to the spot. Perhaps users can't resist the vain pleasure of seeing and showcasing their own visages reflected back in a famous work of art.All Tech Considered These Apps' Creations Sure Look Like Masterworks, But Is It Art? Or maybe it's just fun. It works like this: iPhone or Android users must Willie Horton Jersey download the app, then find the "Is your portrait in a museum?" function and take and submit their photo. Google sifts through the thousands of paintings in its database and using its computer vision software makes a match alongside a percentage of how well the two images resemble each other. (There is no explanation given about the supposed science behind this.) As they shared their results on Twitter and Instagram, some users praised the similarities. Google's 'find your face in artwork history' application is pretty crazy. Not a bad match - wish I could grow a mustache, though. Kevin Parry (@kevinbparry) January 13, 2018Some people felt the comparison was le s than apt. Guys I regret to inform you that the google art selfie is not perfect. Kate Flaim (@kateflaim) January 14, 201 8O thers were unimpre sed with the results, pointing out that the poor matches for non-white users was indicative of the lack of museum representation.Is anyone else noticing how black people are mostly being matched up with street art? Rap Game Ina Garten (@KaraBTweets) January 14, 2018 And still other fretted about the implications of Google compiling its own database of users' faces.In the application, the company says it only stores the selfies long enough to make the matches and won't use the photos for any other purposes. But the viral buzz was enough that many international would-be-users have been left frustrated. Google said on Monday the experimental feature is only available "in parts of the US," but will be improved and expanded.All Tech Considered You Can Give A Robot A Paintbrush, But Does It Create Art?The Salt Canine Or Cuisine? This Photo Meme Is Fetching

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