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This medication may rarely cause seriouspossibly fatalliver diseaseGet medical help right away if any of these side effects occurnausea/vomiting that doesn't stoploss of appetiteyellowing eyes/skinstomach/abdominal paindark urine.

Dose and ScheduleInform patients that therapy with Casodex and the LHRH analog should be started at the same 1086 promethazine 25mg for sale. time and that they should not interrupt or stop taking these medications without consulting their healthcare providersee Dosage and Administration2.1

Cases of death or hospitalization due to severe liver injuryhepatic failurehave been reported postmarketing in association with the use of CasodexHepatotoxicity in these reports generally occurred within the first three to four months of treatmentHepatitis or marked increases in liver enzymes leading to drug discontinuation occurred in approximately 1of Casodex patients in controlled clinical trials.

Quality of life was assessed with self-administered patient questionnaires on painsocial functioningemotional well-beingvitalityactivity limitationbed disabilityoverall healthphysical capacitygeneral symptomsand treatment related symptomsAssessment of the Quality of Life questionnaires did not indicate consistent significant differences between the two treatment groups.

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negative pressure from the cavity caused by the casodex fachinformation can draw superficial contaminant and debris deep into the wound.

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