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In fact, exelon asserts that rather than operating with up to 44 million in profits above the industry standard of return as the zestoretic sale environmentalists claim, it will actually be operating at 15 million below such a level over the next decade.

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Despite a 27 gain in 2016 -- 32 with dividends included -- exelon corporation stock has struggled to return value to shareholders outside of its quarterly payout.

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1 exelon s five business units include comed, which consists of electricity transmission and distribution operations in northern illinois; peco, which consists of electricity transmission and distribution operations and retail natural gas distribution operations in southeastern pennsylvania, bge, which consists of electricity transmission and distribution operations and retail natural gas distribution operations in central maryland; phi, which consists of electricity transmission and distribution operations in the district of columbia and portions of maryland, delaware, and new jersey and retail natural gas distribution operations in northern delaware; and generation, which consists of owned and contracted electric generating facilities and wholesale and retail customer supply of electric and natural gas products and services, including renewable energy products and risk management services.

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